Celebrating 40 Years of Child Protection




Human Dignity! For many it is assured. 

For others, be course of poverty, it is a daily struggle. Many girls are victimised because of their period, a natural bodily function. Others stays out of school and struggle to maintain a good menstrual health and their human dignity.

Molo Songololo collect donations of sanitary pads and basic toiletries from public, businesses, colleagues and supporters, and provide child victims of sexual violence and those at risk we work with Dignity Gift Bags.  

Our DIGNITY 4 GIRLS donation drive happens twice a year during;



DIGNITY GIFT BAGS – provide girls with a 3-month supply of sanitary pads and basic toiletries. We also make up Dignity Gift Bags for the boys we work with.

Our DIGNITY 4 GIRLS campaign also promote menstrual hygiene, sexual health, sexual rights and dignity for girls through educational sessions for girls, boys and community members.

Become a DIGNITY ANGEL. Organise your family, friend, work colleagues or club members to donate sanitary pads and toiletries and support our DIGNITY 4 GIRLS campaign. You can also make a cash donation of R250 for a Dignity Gift Bag or more.  DONATE NOW



  Be Molo (#bemolo) celebrates 40-years of outstanding work carried out by Molo Songololo and its commitment to continue the legacy.  

Be Molo has been developed as a campaign message to all the people who have been helped by Molo in their youth. 

They are now part of a bigger caring community that continues today as a legacy of Molo Songololo’s work with children and young people.

Be Molo creates a sense of purpose based on our three principles which will define our campaign;

  • CARE about the wellbeing, rights and protection of the child
  • SHARE knowledges, skills and experiences to support Molo Songololo
  • ACT to support our fundraisers and mobilise resources for Molo Songololo

Be Molo badge and emblem is bright and full of colour to express our diversity while the big bold letters show our determination to get our message across! Each 40TH Anniversary celebration will introduce a different colour badge for you to collect.



 A new law, the Western Cape Commissioner for Children Act, was created to appoint a Western Cape Commissioner for Children.Once established, the Commissioner for Children must “monitor, investigate, research, educate, lobby, advise and report on, matters pertaining to children”, and act as a champion for children. For more than 20-years, Molo Songololo advocated and lobbied for the establishment of the Western Cape Commissioner for Children. Molo Songololo mobilised children and the NGO sector. We made written and oral submissions. It has been a long struggle to convince government official to implement their constitutional obligation to set up the Commissioner for Children.

This is a victory for all the children who took part in the workshops, those who contributed to the drafting of written submission; and those who made oral submission at public hearing and went to parliament to represent the views, interests and rights of children.

We are now a step closer to the appointment of the Western Cape Commissioner for Children. Molo Songololo continue to engage the Western Cape Premier and Legislature for the finalisation of regulations and proclamation of the Act and appointment process of the Western Cape Commissioner for Children.

There is a potential for the Western Cape Commissioner for Children to be replicated in other provinces and even at a national level.

Stop Child Trafficking


 We produce awareness raising materials, conducted workshops, make presentation and engage government and civil society structures to prevent and combat trafficking in children.   Trafficking in persons is a growing and serious global problem. In South Africa more and more cases of trafficking in persons, especial women and children are identified and prosecuted. Unfortunately we do not know the true extent of trafficking in children. However identified cases indicates that children are trafficked for sexual exploitation and labour exploitation. Case of force marriages, harvesting of body parts and illegal adoption have also been reported.   

Ombudsperson for Children


 We advocate for the establishment of an independent autonomous human rights monitoring instrument for children through awareness, education and dialogue with government and civil society role-players. 

Stop Child Exploitation


 Prevent child sexual exploitation in tourism – a partnership with Fair Trade Tourism to promote responsible tourism to create awareness, education and training to combat child sexual exploitation.