Celebrating 40 Years of Child Protection

Molo Songololo works with and for children to promote their rights, care and protection, as well as their participation in public decision-making. Our programmes and activities benefit children from poor rural and urban families and communities and children in general.  


Child Protection and Victim Empowerment


We assist and empower children and youth who are victims of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and trafficking in children.

Child & Youth Empowerment


We motivate and empower children / youth on human rights and especially the rights of the child. We develop children’s life-skills, leadership skills, social awareness and promote their participation in decision-making processes.      

Awareness and Advocacy


We create awareness and advocate amongst government and civil society role-players for the rights and protection of children; and for accountability to and with children.    


Administer referrals, identify, assess and report cases


  We receive reports, identify and assess cases of child abuse and exploitation. We make and receive referrals to and from government and NGO services providers. We conduct follow-up enquiries and assessments, and develop and administer intervention plans for child victims and their care-givers. We ensure children’s safety, health and other needs are met. We report to and consult with the Child Protection Unit, Department of Social Development and other service provider.     

Rights and Responsibilities, and Life-skills Empowerment


  We educate children about their rights and their responsibilities, the child legal framework, how it works and how they can use it to protect their rights and the rights of others. Children are empowered and able to identify abuse and exploitation, how to prevent and combat it, and where to go to for help. Our educational life-skills workshops encourage peer dialogue, learning, responsibility and action concerning various social issues affecting children at home, school, and in their communities.   

Child Participation - Consult, involve and listen to children


  Children have a right to participate. They have a rights to be consulted, informed, express themselves, and for their rights to be taken seriously and considered. Child participation is one of the key child rights pillars. Unfortunately, these rights of children are often neglected. 

Molo Songololo promote children’s participation and embrace and child participation approach to its work and activities with children.

Child participation is as important as children's protection, care and development rights.    

Counselling & Therapeutic services for children & parents


  We provide basic one-on-one assessment interviews and counselling for children and their care-givers. We make referrals for further intervention to social workers, physiologists, drug counsellors, sexual health nurses, etc. We conduct one-on-one and group therapeutic and empowerment sessions with children and their care-givers. We engage local community members to increase support for child victims and their car-givers; as wel as those at risk.

Participation & Community engagements


 We facilitate children’s participation in law reform, public decision-making and community actions to promote their rights, and to prevent and combat child abuse and exploitation. We facilitate and create opportunities for children to speak for themselves and engage policy makers. Children and youth are encouraged to organise themselves and engage their peer and get involved in activities at school and in their communities.    

Ombudsperson for Children Accountability for and with Children


  An Ombudsperon Person for Children in a Children's Protector or Commissioner for Children. We advocate for the establishment of a national independent autonomous monitoring instrument for children's rights through awareness, education and dialogue with government and civil society role-players.  The Ombudsperson or Commission's role is to keep an eye on children, involve children, monitor governments progress to implement children's rights and report on the state of children.

Re-integration and general support


  We conduct regular home-visits, school-visits, parent and family support to monitor child’s progress and re-integration into family, school and community. We support children and care-givers during police reporting processes, investigations and court cases. We ensure children receive general health information and check-ups concerning sexual health, STIs, and HIV/AIDS, pregnancies, etc. ·  

Young Men’s Forum


  This gender specific motivation and life-skills programme for BOYS focus on gender relations, sexuality, sexual health and responsibility to prevent STIs, HIV/Aids, early sexual debut, teen pregnancy and fatherhood, delinquency, abuse and violence. Boys from 12 to 17 years engage each other, share experiences and opinions and motivate each other to make positive life-choices and complete schooling.     



  In South Africa more and more cases of trafficking in persons, especial women and children are identified and prosecuted. Unfortunately, we do not know the true extent of trafficking in children. However identified cases indicates that children are trafficked for sexual exploitation and labour exploitation. Case of force marriages, harvesting of body parts and illegal adoption have also been reported.      

Therapeutic and empowerment interventions


  We conduct group therapeutic sessions with children, including child and parents therapeutic and empowerment session and workshops. We motivate and empower to building self-esteem, life-skills and social interact with peers, family, schools and socially. We motivate and encourage positive decision-making and life-choices through social and community dialogue and engagement.     

Young Women’s Forum


  This gender specific motivation and life-skills programme for GIRLS focus on gender relations, sexuality, sexual health and take responsibility to prevent STIs, HIV/Aids, early sexual debut, teen pregnancy and motherhood, delinquency, abuse and violence. Girls from 12 to 17 years engage with each other, share experiences and opinions and motivate each other to make positive life-choices and complete schooling.     

Sexual abuse and Sexual Exploitation


 Sexual violence is a big problem in South Africa. Although girls are particularly vulnerable, boys are also sexual abused and exploited. These human rights abuses are mainly committed by people known to children in their own homes and communities. Sex in exchange for something is common and children are socialized, groomed and manipulated. Most cases of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation are everyday occurrences and not the headline cases of child prostitution and child trafficking for sexual exploitation. Internet access and cell-phones and computers has increased the production and distribution of Sexting and Child Pornography. Children themselves taking sexual images of themselves and other and circulate it.